93% Of Service Teams In UAE Are Using Or Evaluating AI

Salesforce has released the new State of Service report, sharing insights from over 5,500 service professionals across 30 countries — including 100 from UAE.

The report covers the priorities, challenges, and strategies shaping customer service, including how service teams are tapping AI and data to increase revenue, efficiency, and customer satisfaction amid rising customer expectations.

Key insights from the research include:

  • Organizations Lean into AI to Boost Efficiencies.  To scale service without sacrificing quality, organizations are increasingly turning to AI.
    • 93% of service organizations in the UAE are using or evaluating AI
    • 75% of service organizations in the UAE plan to increase AI investments this year
    • Top 3 service use cases for AI in the UAE: 1 – Agent-facing intelligent assistants, 2 – Customer-facing intelligent assistants, 3 – Service responses, Intelligent offers and recommendations
    • 89% of service professionals in the UAE with AI say it saves them time
  • Service Organizations Double-Down on Revenue Generation. The trend of viewing service as a revenue driver instead of a cost center is accelerating, and service teams are making investments to scale.
    • 64% of organizations in the UAE expect service to contribute more revenue this year
    • 80% of service organizations in the UAE expect more budget this year
    • 75% of service organizations in the UAE expect more headcount this year
  • Escalating Demands Pressure Service Teams. As customer expectations rise, service agents are feeling the squeeze.
    • 70% of service organizations in the UAE expect higher case volume next year
    • 83% of service professionals in the UAE say customers are more demanding than they used to be
  • Service Boosts Its Data Capabilities. Service organizations are ramping up their data integration efforts to fuel human agents and AI systems.
    • 84% of service professionals in the UAE say better access to data from other teams would improve support
    • 75% of service organizations in the UAE are increasing investment in data integration this year

Thierry Nicault, Area Vice President and General Manager, Middie East, Salesforce, said: “The State of Service research clearly shows that the AI genie is out of the bottle in the UAE, where most service organizations are already using the technology or actively looking to implement it. This is a welcome development, as companies are under increasing pressure to continually improve services in response to growing customer demand, and a broad expectation among respondents that case volumes will keep on rising, putting further pressure on teams. By deploying AI smartly, organizations in the UAE will be able to maximize the value of their data, boosting intelligence, and helping to improve customer service and experience. Far from being perceived as a cost, this will help position service teams to become revenue drivers within their organization.”


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