Arada Transforms Its Operations And Customer Experience With Salesforce

Arada is expanding its use of Salesforce solutions, tapping the power of generative AI to transform its ability to utilise data, manage its operations, and boost customer experience across its operations.

The fast-growing developer – which has launched five residential communities across Dubai and Sharjah and delivers services such as real estate management, maintenance, leisure and fitness, retail, healthcare and education – has digitally transformed its business operations using Salesforce Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud, including Salesforce Einstein and Salesforce Field Service, leveraging generative AI to drive insights and innovation across its operations.

As part of Arada’s digital transformation strategy EVOLVE – an ambitious transformation programme to make technology a driver of business innovation – Arada joined hands with Salesforce at an enterprise scale to leverage its complete platform for end-to-end property life cycle management solutions, which covers Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and the Lightning platform for rapid development activities.

This enabled Arada to transform its sales, CRM and marketing functions from end-to-end – encompassing lead generation, onboarding of customers and visibility across the customer lifecycle. This has empowered sales, operations and customer services teams to understand customers better, deliver a unified and improved level of service, and boost sales. It has also delivered stability, enabling Arada to scale up efficiently, all while capturing valuable data to gain insights and improve processes and services. This was essential given Arada’s rapid growth strategy, with thousands of new units and services being developed and rolled out.

By adding Salesforce Einstein and Field Service to its existing suite of Salesforce solutions, Arada is well-positioned to consolidate and continue its rapid growth, and to drive further IT innovation, including the development of a ‘super app’ through which the company will deliver a broad range of services.

“By deploying Salesforce Einstein and Field Service, Arada is now equipped to take innovation to the next level, capturing and analysing data from across our operations to drive efficiency and innovation, from the initial development phase, through to sales and leasing, customer engagement via an integrated omni-channel approach, and the development and operation of entirely new services to enhance the lifestyle of our residents,” said Shrikant Kabboor, Chief Technology Officer, Arada.

The new deployments are especially important since Arada has expanded the services it delivers to many of its developments, which now include retail, leasing, fashion, healthcare, education and F&B. Customers will be able to use Arada’s super app to complete a series of tasks easily and conveniently, from arranging a property viewing to ordering services across their real estate portfolios.

Thierry Nicault, Area Vice President and General Manager, Middle East, Salesforce, said: “By expanding its use of Salesforce solutions, Arada is demonstrating the value of a smart, integrated approach to digital transformation. With thousands of employees and residents across its growing portfolio, Arada has gained full visibility and control of its operations, enabling it to scale up for sustainable growth in line with its ambitious strategy. We look forward to continuing to support Arada on their ongoing transformation journey.”

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