Siemon Upgrades Its EagleEye Red Software in the Middle East

Siemon has announced the release of an innovative upgrade to its EagleEye infrastructure management software in the Middle East. Siemon’s EagleEye Red Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) software helps users better document and manage their IT network and devices.

Compliant to ISO/IEC 18598:2016 and TIA ANSI/TIA-5048 AIM standards, EagleEye Red is HTML5-based and offers a highly visual and intuitive experience which provides a range of graphical views for rack and floor layouts and infrastructure node hierarchies. Its multi-tiered network discovery protocols allow users to easily scan and find all IP-based devices within their network and positions assets at their correct locations.

When used in combination with Siemon’s MapIT G2 connectivity hardware, both physical layer and network device connections are updated automatically and provide an invaluable end-to-end circuit trace allowing users to easily monitor, manage and maintain their network infrastructure.

A real-time database provides an accurate picture of the IT infrastructure, which minimises troubleshooting time and maximises equipment and rack utilisation. Network security is also enhanced via the detection and notification of unauthorised physical network or network device activity, and the inclusion of an AIM standard compliant API provides a simple and robust way to share data with other software management tools.

Frank Velleca, Siemon market manager for strategic projects says, “Our new EagleEye Red software is ideally suited for customers with large and complex networks. The toolset provided by the software helps IT staff troubleshoot connectivity issues much faster and it improves the management of assets and remote smaller sites. The software also automatically updates when patching or when a network device status changes, providing a highly accurate source of network information that IT staff can rely on.”



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