Cloudian experiences growth in the EMEA region

Jacco van Achterberg

US based enterprise storage solution provider, Cloudian experienced growth in the EMEA region with the opening of new headquarters for the region that enabled the company expand its sales and marketing team by double.The move resulted in adding new partners and gaining 28 new customers across the region.

During the same period, company partnered with Intertec in the Middle East and in Europe Cloudian partnered with European Electronique in the UK, PQR in the Netherlands, Komposite in France, and Akquinet in Germany.

Cloudian growth is in the region is driven by the increasing demand for petabyte-scalable object storage and file storage solutions for businesses of all sizes as they continue to generate massive amounts of unstructured data. Common use cases include data protection, medical imaging, engineering files, and S3-compatible storage for service providers.

“We are expanding aggressively in EMEA to meet demand for Cloudian’s S3-compatible enterprise storage systems that deliver limitless scalability and matchless simplicity. Our customers now accumulate unstructured data at an unprecedented rate, driving the urgent need for solutions like Cloudian’s petabyte-scale storage that fundamentally change storage economics.”  said Jacco van Achterberg, vice president, EMEA at Cloudian.

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