Tony Hollingsbee

Kingston annouces the availability of its new data center SSD

Kingston Digital announced the availability of the DC1500M, a U.2 data center NVMe PCIe SSD for mixed-use workloads. Leveraging a high-perfo...[Read More]

The right SSD for your enterprise data center

Tony Hollingsbee, SSD Business manager in Kingston Technology EMEA highlights the considerations one has to make before choosing the right S...[Read More]

Kingston starts shipping 7.68 TB data center SSDs

Kingston today began the shipping of 7.68TB model of the Data Center 500R (DC500R) and 450R (DC450R) SATA SSDs. The DC1000M 7.68TB U.2 NVMe ...[Read More]

Kingston’s SSD business continues to grow at a strong rate

Kingston Digital, today announced that its SSD business continues to grow at a strong rate following an astounding 2019. SSD demand through ...[Read More]

Kingston announces new SSD for data centers

Kingston, today announced the availability of a new data center SSD, the DC1000B M.2 NVMe boot drive. The new drive is ideal for servers shi...[Read More]

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