Kingston launches DDR4-3200 DIMMs for 2nd Gen AMD EPYC Processor 

Kingston Technology announced the launch of 32GB, 16GB and 8GB Server Premier 3200MT/s DDR4 Registered DIMMs that will unleash the power of ...[Read More]

Data centers need to be more productive and efficient

Adrien Viaud, Senior Technology Manager at Kingston Technology Europe, speaks to Zarks Media about cloud data storage, data security, SSDs a...[Read More]

Password the simplest security

Pasi Siukonen, Technical Resources Group Team Leader at Kingston Technology discusses. the importance of passwords and best practices for pa...[Read More]

Kingston unveils its new Data Center 500 Series of Enterprise SSDs

Kingston recently unveiled its new Data Center 500 Series of Enterprise SSDs; DC500R is optimised for read-intensive applications while DC50...[Read More]

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