Firooz Barakzai, Global Manager, Security Solutions and Standards at Vantage Data Centers, said, “Within Security Center, we’re managing about 500 cameras, 400 doors, 2,000 cardholders, a couple hundred intercoms, and other sensors per location. Having all that information in one centralised view has made it much easier for our operators to see what’s happening. It’s also user-friendly, so training new operators is faster.”

Automating decision management unlocks new operational efficiencies

Once all locations were unified with Security Center, the team implemented Genetec Mission Control. The decision management system helps operators quickly address pressing situations by guiding them through more than 30 standard operating procedures (SOPs). The system also automatically creates incident reports that can be exported and shared with stakeholders.

Open system eases integration and enables custom applications

Vantage secures its properties with seven layers of security, various forms of authentication including biometric readers, cards, and pins, all connected to Security Center. Since all user activity is tracked and linked to associated video, Security Center provides an audit trail that strengthens compliance and optimises processes while saving time.

In addition, Vantage has used the Genetec Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop custom applications, like using a Soft Pin plugin to compile data from different systems and track key performance indicators across the business. This same tool enables the team to standardize system naming conventions to cardholder groups, dashboards, and reporting schedules across all sites.

Looking ahead, the team at Vantage intends to add more system integrations within Security Center, such as a human resources system, video analytics, and IT ticketing services software. They’re also trialing the Genetec Autovu automatic license plate recognition system to add another layer of perimeter security and exploring the Cloud Link Roadrunner enclosure management system to better manage access to server cabinets.