Huawei Cloud Launches Pangu Finance Model Globally

Huawei Cloud has unveiled the Pangu Finance Model for the first time outside of China at the 2023 Huawei Cloud Fintech Summit. This strategic move marks Huawei Cloud’s commitment to fostering global innovation in the Fintech sector, signaling a significant step towards shaping the future of digital finance.

The Huawei Cloud Pangu Finance Model integrates advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and blockchain, combining the company’s technological prowess with extensive financial expertise. This innovative financial solution provides Fintech companies and financial institutions with the tools to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of the financial industry on a global scale.

The Pangu Finance Model is designed with powerful computing and data analysis capabilities, utilising Huawei Cloud’s robust computing and storage capacity. This empowers financial institutions to handle and analyse vast amounts of financial data efficiently, enhancing risk management, facilitating better investment decisions, and fueling product innovation. Furthermore, the model incorporates artificial intelligence technologies, including natural language processing, image recognition, and intelligent recommendations. This comprehensive support enables financial institutions to deliver personalised financial services that cater to the unique needs of their customers.

In addition to these features, the integration of blockchain technology ensures enhanced security and transparency in financial transactions, mitigating the risks of data tampering and fraud. The Pangu Finance Model creates a secure and reliable environment for financial institutions and Fintech companies operating on a global scale.

Frank Dai, President of Huawei Cloud Middle East and Central Asia, highlighted the transformative impact of Pangu Finance Model during the summit. The model introduces three key innovations that reshape every aspect of the financial service chain.

Firstly, financial institutions are encouraged to foster collaborative innovation centered on high-quality data, innovative productivity, advanced intelligence, and abundant computing power. This approach enables the creation of more professional finance models, driving comprehensive intelligence within the financial industry.

Secondly, by unlocking scenario-driven innovative value, Pangu Finance Model combines foundational models with financial expertise. This empowers financial institutions to build more sophisticated finance models, propelling the financial industry towards comprehensive intelligence.

Lastly, through computing power innovation, model innovation, and scenario innovation, Huawei Cloud has tailored large models specifically for the financial industry. This strategic move lowers the threshold for industry applications, accelerating the implementation of financial scenarios.

As a leading player in cloud computing and artificial intelligence, Huawei Cloud remains committed to driving digital transformation and innovative development. The launch of Pangu Finance Model demonstrates Huawei Cloud’s proactive response to the needs of the Fintech industry. By providing intelligent, efficient, and secure services, Huawei Cloud aims to facilitate the success and development of financial institutions and Fintech companies worldwide.

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