Huawei highlights challenges and opportunities of the data center industry

Huawei Technologies Egypt, recently conducted a virtual summit, Huawei Connect – Digital Power Summit in Northern Africa, to discuss the high-speed development of industries including 5G, bid data centers AI industrial internet and also showcased the best practices related to Huawei’s partners and customers.

The summit comprised diverse topics such as; “Next Generation Modular Data Center Facility Solution” which is a new solution that is launched, “Leading Energy Digitalization and Building a Green and Intelligent World”, “Next-generation Data Center”, and “Huawei Cloud Data Center Infrastructure Construction and Application Practice”, as well as it showcased some case studies relevant to different countries.

The summit highlighted the challenges and opportunities of the data center industry being the infrastructure of the digital world and emphasized the latest vision, concept, coverage, and capabilities of Huawei digital power, the next-generation data center facility solution, trends in the industry and finally the best practices and ideas quoted by top technical experts and developers.

Fei Zhenfu, President of the Data Center Facility Domain of Huawei Digital power Product Line, Fang Liangzhou, CMO of Huawei Digital Power Product Line and YuLiang, Northern Africa Regional Director of Digital Power Business. Also, Sanjay Kr Sainani, senior vice president and CTO of Huawei’s global data center business, Menno Parsons, CEO of Master Power Technologies, Digital Park Africa, Ang Yew Chien, Marketing Executive – Acme Associates Pte Ltd and Huawei’s local partner Hamza Allami, Data center project manager of M2I Services Algeria were among the attendees of the summit.

Fei Zhenfu, said “We’re glad to share our knowledge pertinent to the data center facility construction and operation based on Huawei Cloud’s global deployment experience, and the used methodology to construct data centers and reduce their PUE through AI, or use next-generation cooling solution to optimize efficiency. This provides customers with a more comprehensive and detailed sharing of industry experience.”

Fang Liangzhou highlighted that Huawei Digital Power Product Line integrates digital technology and power electronic technology to accomplish the conversion, storage, and control of electric energy, to help build simple, reliable, green, and smart energy target network, build a digital energy base and support the development of the digital world.

YuLiang explained “We are glad that we are joining forces with various entities to showcase our successful case study that is related to the energy sector in the Egyptian market. We also managed to offer “Huawei FusionModule2000” solution, which is a new generation of smart modular data center that is dedicated to provide customers with simple, efficient, and reliable data center solutions and is awarded the world’s first “Uptime Tier IV Ready” certification and meets the highest availability requirements. It’s a modular-designed, highly integrated solution which comprises power supply system, cooling system, rack & structure system, cabling system, management system within a module, meeting the requirements for quick delivery and on-demand deployment.”

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