Leviton Launches Universal Panels for Data Centers

Leviton released two new universal panels for e2XHD Snap-In Cassette Patching System targeted at data centers and enterprises. The new flat and angled 1RU panels support fiber, and UTP offers better protection to the mission-critical applications with shielded connectivity and also allows faster deployment and simple maintenance. “Enterprise and data center IT organizations require network infrastructure that protects their data flow, yet allows easy cable routing and simple moves, adds, and changes. The e2XHD universal panels allow for a complete mix-and-match of Leviton fiber, shielded, and UTP snap-in cassettes. These panels include the added option of using high-performing Atlas-X1 shielded components, including Cat 8, to protect networks from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI).” said Mark Dearing, Senior Product Manager, Leviton.

The e2XHD Snap-In Cassette Patching System includes 1RU high-density universal flat and angled patch panels, copper and fiber snap-in cassettes, and accessories for additional cable protection and management. e2XHD cassettes quickly snap in and pull out of the panels for easy installation and maintenance. Copper cassettes are available empty for field termination, or can be pre-terminated with UTP or shielded connectors for quick deployment. Panels also accommodate Atlas-X1 shielded Cat 8 pre-terminated trunks. Fiber cassettes are pre-terminated for fast deployment and assured high performance.

These high-density 1RU panels support 48 copper ports and also allows a mix-and-match of Leviton fiber and copper snap-in cassettes.  The Fiber MTP cassettes provide a simple migration path to 40 Gb/s or 100 Gb/s networks, are pre-terminated, and are available in 12 or 24 fibers, OM3, OM4, OM4+ or single-mode.

The Leviton e2XHD copper cassettes are available empty for field termination, or can be pre-terminated with UTP or shielded copper connectors, including Cat 8, for quick deployment. Pre-terminated solutions ship directly from factory for faster global service.

The Atlas-X1 and eXtreme copper connectors easily snap into the cassette after termination and the shielded solutions provide industry-leading performance and protection across networks that require greater security and EMI/RFI immunity. In addition, the panel covers and cassette blanks offer extra protection from dust and damage.

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