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New Google Cloud Region Opens In Doha

Google Cloud has announced the opening of its Doha cloud region at an official launch event attended by ministers from the Qatari Cabinet an...[Read More]

SPIMACO migrates its SAP ERP workloads to Google Cloud

Google Cloud has announced a collaboration with the Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries and Medical Appliances Corporation (SPIMACO) that involv...[Read More]

Google launches its new cloud region in Doha, Qatar

Google has launched a new cloud region in Doha, Qatar. The new Doha region is now part of Google’s global network of 37 regions and 11...[Read More]

Growth in cloud services spend slows to lowest rate ever

Worldwide cloud infrastructure services expenditure increased 28% year on year to reach US$63.1 billion in Q3 2022, up US$13.8 billion on th...[Read More]

mCloud and Google Cloud Partner to Launch Sustainability Apps

In partnership with Google Cloud, mCloud will directly integrate and leverage core Google Cloud services to enable powerful capabilities dri...[Read More]

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