Cloud Computing

Cloud’s Contribution To Kuwait Economy To Reach $ 16.8 Billion By 2033

Amazon Web Services (AWS) commissioned a new report quantifying the relationship between cloud computing adoption, national productivity, an...[Read More]

Lenovo storage innovation drives record growth

Lenovo has announced new solutions to enable customers to better solve for rapidly growing data management needs, coupled with new milestone...[Read More]

ECL introduces hydrogen-powered, off-grid data centre

Data Center-as-a-Service pioneer ECL has announced the world’s first modular, sustainable, off-grid data center that uses green hydrogen as ...[Read More]

Alibaba Unveils Top Technology Trend Forecasting for 2023

Alibaba DAMO Academy (“DAMO”), the global research initiative by Alibaba Group, has shared its annual forecasting of the leading technology ...[Read More]

Gartner Highlights 10 Common Cloud Strategy Mistakes

A cloud strategy is a concise viewpoint on the role of cloud computing in the organization. However, business and IT leaders continue to mak...[Read More]

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