Tachyum releases white paper on storage strategy for Prodigy data center deployments

Tachyum released a white paper “Tachyum Storage Strategy and Direction for Prodigy Data Center Deployments” detailing a storage strategy to ...[Read More]

Synology unveils DiskStation DS723+ for home offices and small businesses

Synology has announced the new 2-bay Synology DiskStation DS723+, the smallest expandable option in its lineup of all-in-one solutions for h...[Read More]

Iceotope and Meta Reveals Efficiency of Immersion Liquid Cooling for Storage

Precision Immersion cooling specialist Iceotope has announced a new study with Meta confirming the practicality, efficiency and effectivenes...[Read More]

Vertiv introduces efficient liquid cooling solution for EMEA data centres

Vertiv has introduced the Liebert XDU, a new generation of thermal management systems that supports liquid-cooled servers and enables the co...[Read More]

How the hottest technologies in enterprise IT can also be the coolest

The amount of data we produce, distribute, and consume in our professional and social lives is ever increasing. But it’s all too easy,...[Read More]

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