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Cloud provider’s business must be as stable

Yasser Zeineldin, CEO, eHosting DataFort, explains Cloud provider’s business should be stable as digital businesses cannot afford to h...[Read More]

The Closing Speed of Transformation

We all know that software and infrastructure don’t typically go away in the data center. You very rarely decommission something and br...[Read More]

5 tips for successful implementation of Hybrid Cloud

Aaron White, Regional Director, Middle East at Nutanix shares 5 tips for successful implementation of Hybrid Cloud.

Password the simplest security

Pasi Siukonen, Technical Resources Group Team Leader at Kingston Technology discusses. the importance of passwords and best practices for pa...[Read More]

Mitigating the risks of multi-cloud

Claude Schuck, Regional Head, Middle East at Veeam, discusses the security risks associated with multi-cloud and how these risks can be miti...[Read More]

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