Inspur Information’s storage platform AS2200G2 sets a new world record

Inspur Information, announced that its storage platform AS2200G2 has set a new world record for price performance in the latest SPC-1 Benchmark report issued by the Storage Performance Council (SPC) with a score of $75.77/KIOPS (13,198 IOPS per $1,000). Inspur’s top ranking on the list follows its breaking of the 16-controller and 8-controller performance records earlier this year.

According to the SPC-1 report, 10 products from six global mainstream storage providers (Inspur, TTA, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Dostor and NetApp) were included in the Top 10 price-performance list. Inspur’s AS2200G2 ranked first with an outstanding score of US$75.77/KIOPS.

Established in 1999, SPC is one of the most well-known professional measurement organizations in the storage industry. The SPC-1 Benchmark is the most actively tested program, and aims to assess the performance of storage systems that handle complex requests and large volumes of data as well as provide scientific considerations of the economic efficiency of storage systems. Due to the fairness and objectivity of the evaluation standards, SPC-1 has attracted the participation of dozens of leading storage providers worldwide including Dell, Fujitsu, HPE, HDS, IBM, Inspur, NetApp and Oracle.

“The record-breaking performance result indicates that Inspur has done everything we can do to deliver extreme performance for our storage products,” said Li Hui, general manager of storage production at Inspur Information. “The extra word ‘extreme’ means a lot in the current market.  High-performance storage products only meet the basic requirements of users, but storage products that deliver extreme price performance can surprise and delight users and even accelerate the development of the storage industry.”

Today, less than 10 percent of enterprises’ massive data has been truly analyzed and processed, so while enterprises face the challenges of massive data analysis and processing, the demand for data economy also increases rapidly. As a result, price performance has become a key aspect of the market competitiveness of storage products.

AS2200G2 is an easy-to-use, flexible and efficient unified storage platform that is built to meet the storage requirements of different applications, such as database, file sharing and cloud computing by supporting iSCSI and FC. AS2200G2 also delivers high availability through its fully redundant architecture, a fully modular, redundant cache, and active-active controller design. It also delivers high scalability with its support for up to 577 hard drives and a maximum cache of 64GB.

The top ranking of Inspur’s storage products indicates that Inspur not only provides the best-performing products among its competitors but also enables enterprises to save on purchasing costs, maximizing the return on their investment. The price performance of Inspur’s storage system is rated at 370,000 IOPS, which is higher than the second and third-ranked systems by 19 percent and 32 percent respectively. In addition, the price per KIOPS of Inspur Storage is about $75.77, lower than the second and third-ranking products by 12 percent and 18 percent respectively, making it the preferred choice for enterprises requiring massive and real-time data processing.

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