Nutanix adds new major enhancements to its HCI software

Nutanix today announced major new capabilities in its popular hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software, delivering significant innovations to the datacenter and cloud markets. Specifically, these innovations will bring up to 50% faster performance, native virtual networking to simplify multicloud deployments, end-to-end security monitoring to support a Zero-Trust strategy, and expanded automation and budgeting capabilities for cloud resources.

Rajiv Mirani, Chief Technology Officer at Nutanix.In addition to extending its HCI software stack to the public cloud, the company continues to set the bar for innovation in the fast-growing HCI market, putting true IT modernization within reach of all organizations. With these new HCI improvements, Nutanix customers will benefit from 50% Faster Performance, Simplified Zero-Trust Security, Virtual Networking to Simplify Cloud Deployments

Nutanix also announced enhanced infrastructure operations management to better serve IT teams and application developers. Prism Ultimate, a new edition to Prism, adds advanced application insights and automation for troubleshooting application-related infrastructure bottlenecks. It also offers visibility of cloud IT resource consumption for targeted IT cost reductions and more accurate budgeting. Additionally, Nutanix Prism can also monitor non-Nutanix environments, including popular virtualization stacks, giving Nutanix customers a single pane of glass for their entire infrastructure, including legacy infrastructure environments.

“To help our customers transition to hybrid and multicloud operating models, Nutanix has made significant investments in research and development to advance our core software stack. These new capabilities will help further strengthen the performance and reliability of our software, extending our journey across networking, security, performance and automation” said Rajiv Mirani, Chief Technology Officer at Nutanix.

Performance improvements in the Nutanix HCI software, Security Central, and Prism Ultimate are currently available to customers. New software-defined networking capabilities in Nutanix Flow are currently under development.


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