Riello launches NextEnergy range of 500 kVA UPS

World’s leading UPS brand, Riello recently announced the launch of its NextEnergy range of 500 kVA UPS. NextEnergy, is a dynamic range of UPS that is constantly enhanced with new sizes to mee the most stringent availability needs of  “Mission Critical” applications such as those of modern Data Centers.

In these applications, a reliable and protected power supply is essential in order to guarantee regularity of service (Business Continuity). IT Managers now have a flexible UPS available that can be adapted to the various types of architecture and which at the same time guarantee maximum system availability.

Like the rest of the NextEnergy family, the 500 kVA model is also a three-phase UPS that uses the most innovative transformer-free double conversion online technologies, with IGBT converters and three-level control. Designed to meet the power requirements of the future, it offers extremely high energy efficiency – the highest levels onf the market – and therefore a low operating cost. In addition, it allows multiple
operating modes to ensure energy consumption is always optimized: for example, thanks to the ECM (Efficiency Control Mode) system, the UPS optimizes the level of efficiency in parallel systems according to the power required at that time.

As with the existing models, the Riello UPS research and development center has worked to create a solution capable of providing the highest power density on the market in the smallest possible footprint. In addition, compatibility with lithium-ion batteries was introduced thanks to the development of a dedicated control and management system.

Exceptional performance
The advanced technologies adopted and the careful selection of high quality and reliable components used in the production of the NextEnergy range guarantee “best in class” performance, such as unity power factor (to guarantee kW = kVA), the ability to power critical loads up to 40 °C without power derating and extraordinary system efficiency: NextEnergy guarantees up to 97% in double conversion mode (ON LINE), with an increase to over 99% in ECO Mode or SMART ACTIVE.

The NextEnergy range is characterized by an innovative operating mode called ACTIVE ECO that feeds the load from the bypass line, therefore with very high efficiency, but at the same time also working as an active filter, thereby reducing the current harmonics and increasing the power factor towards the input network. Active Eco guarantees lower energy consumption and avoids the need for power factor correction systems with important investment reductions by the user.

Particular attention is also paid to the reduction of maintenance costs and to the operating life of the system, thanks to the intelligent ventilation control system that constantly adapts to the level of the load applied, leading to a smart cooling system. In addition, each fan is redundant and monitored to report any faults.

“Thanks to this new size, the most powerful of our NextEnergy range, Riello UPS is able to power larger and larger systems, now up to 4 MVA, thanks above all to parallel configurations, all whilst maintaining the high reliability and lower operating costs that characterize the range” – declares Nicola Caglia, Product Manager of Riello UPS – “Furthermore, thanks to the static or dynamic “Peak Shaving” function, which allows to supply the additional power required by the batteries, NextEnergy 500 kVA guarantees a better adaptation to the power supply networks with reduced capacity or cheaper generating sets.”

Installation versatility
NextEnergy 500 kVA is able to operate with or without a neutral line. This important function reduces the installation costs of the distribution system: it can be applied, for example, in modern Data Centers or in systems that do not require the use of the neutral line.

The small footprint of the cabinet and full accessibility from the front of the UPS for all maintenance activities ensure optimal use of floor space. The ventilation takes place from the front to the top, enabling the UPS to be installed back-2-back or against the wall, optimizing the installation layout. Like all models in the NextEnergy range, it also provides cable entry from above or below, eliminating the need for expensive and bulky accessory cabinets.


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