ExaGrid and Veeam meet emerging backup requirements for data centers

ExaGrid combined its efforts with Veeam Software to offer an solution that address the emerging backup requirements for restores and VM recovery for the “just in time” enterprise data center. Together, ExaGrid and Veeam enable enterprise businesses to dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for backup and backup storage, including the reduction of IT workload and maintenance requirements, while increasing performance for backup and recovery times.

Bill Andrews, CEO and president of ExaGrid

ExaGrid and Veeam were brought together to meet the challenges of data growth and offer uninterrupted operations to support the virtual data center and hybrid cloud while reducing cost. ExaGrid and Veeam enable customers to boot VMs in seconds to minutes and leverage the private, managed and public clouds. The combined solution enables customers to increase the performance of their backup infrastructure while reducing data storage and complexity to meet their data backup goals via a high-performance, flexible and scalable architecture.

“Long-term data backup and quick recovery of critical data and applications are now considered essential to every business strategy, but not all solutions are able to deliver these essential IT requirements. Together, ExaGrid and Veeam help customers create a scalable, simple to deploy and manage, and flexible solution,” said Bill Andrews, CEO and president of ExaGrid.

“As the leading innovator of Cloud Data Management solutions, Veeam makes it easy for our customers to protect all of their virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads regardless of where those reside,” said Ken Ringdahl, vice president of global alliances architecture at Veeam Software.

“ExaGrid’s integration with the Veeam Data Mover further enhances that position by enabling interoperability and creating unique value for Veeam features, including SureBackup, DataLabs and Instant VM Recovery. ExaGrid’s support for Veeam’s Scale-Out Backup Repository also helps customers more effectively manage their backup jobs and scale-out as needed, offering customers the ability to create a simple, flexible and reliable infrastructure.” Ringdahl added.


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