Johnson Controls Data Center solutions bags award

Johnson Controls announced the YORK Mission Critical Direct Evaporative Cooling Air Handling Unit has been named Sustainability Product of the Year by The Business Intelligence Group in the 2019 Sustainability Awards. 

The YORK Mission Critical Direct Evaporative Cooling (DEC) Air Handling Units (AHUs) from Johnson Controls are specifically designed to meet the challenges and needs of data centers. By maximizing cooling capYORK Mission Critical Direct Evaporative Cooling acity per square foot and providing superior efficiency, the units optimize operational, water and energy usage in centers to achieve lower energy costs. While doing more with less from the environment, the MC DEC AHUs yield an ultra-efficient partial-power usage effectiveness (pPUE) of less than 1.1 for data centers.

“Data centers have traditionally relied on water and power consumption to operate and stay cool, but with two-thirds of the global population expected to face fresh-water shortages by 2025, it’s imperative for mission critical environments to use water and energy resources more efficiently,” said Michael Zarrilli, executive director of Data Center Solutions at Johnson Controls. “We are proud to help facilities globally achieve their energy and efficiency goals, and eager to continue advancing sustainability in the industry.”

A significant amount of data center power consumption is cooling-related, which can make up to 40 percent of a center’s total operating expense. Unlike other AHUs on the market, Johnson Controls MC DEC AHUs were designed with flexibility to meet phased data center expansion strategies by offering lighter and compact sized units for a reduced physical and environmental footprint. Additionally, these units adjust cooling levels based on changing variables such as time, temperature and weather, enabling data centers to use only what they need and cut excess power and water usage.

“We are proud to reward and recognize Johnson Controls for their efforts and advances in sustainability in the data centers space,” said Maria Jimenez, chief nominations officer, Business Intelligence Group. “By enhancing overall efficiency for data centers across the globe, it was clear to our judges that their mission and innovative products will continue to deliver results that help drive a cleaner, more sustainable world.”


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