R&M launches high-density cabling platform for Optical Distribution Frames

The leading cabling vendor, R&M today launched PRIME, a high-density cabling platform for Optical Distribution Frames (ODF). At maximum capacity, 5,376 optical fibres can be connected in an ODF with R&M’s PRIME modules, setting new density standards for the Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) market.

“Bandwidth demands continue to grow unabated in the Middle East and high-speed internet connectivity is fast spreading across the region. Triple play services represent a growing share of telecom operators’ revenues so FTTH must be deployed rapidly, but also with room for easy and cost-effective upgrade in the future,” explained Nabil Khalil, Executive Vice-President of R&M Middle East, Turkey and Africa. “With our versatile PRIME solution, network operators can now use their fibre distribution hub units in more varied ways than ever before. This means they can design FTTH networks precisely from the outset to suit local requirements and still have the possibility of later extending or adapting them at any time they want.”

Above-ground street cabinets and basements, main distributor frames, central offices and POP sites are some of the most important locations for the PRIME ODF racks. Here they can form the nodes of local broadband networks such as city rings and feeder networks. The platform is also suitable for fibre optic distribution in data centres, and the backhaul networks of mobile communication providers.

With their modular design PRIME distributors can be assembled, adapted and extended as separate blocks. This approach makes it possible to plan with manageable investment costs. Network operators can leverage a pay-as-you-grow model, allowing them to react quickly to local FTTH demands and technological progress, and scale broadband networks to suit requirements.

Up to 14 PRIME modules can fit in a 19’’ or ETSI rack and no tools are required for assembly in R&M ETSI racks. The PRIME modules can be assembled from the front or back in 19” racks. A sub-rack can accommodate four PRIME fibre units. They can be combined and equipped in a variety of ways and retrofitted without tools. The PRIME range contains fibre units for fibre optic termination, splice and breakout cabling as well as patch cord and overlength storage. When using R&M’s Ultra High-Density LC adapters, the capacity of a PRIME ODF totals 5,376 FO connections. The high packing density results in a decrease in the average costs per port.

Drawer technology ensure the fibres remain in a guide and protects the fibres during assembly, maintenance and cleaning, while a channel system protects the fibres on the way to the splice area. The connectors can be detected and operated when the drawer is pushed in and can be pulled into a service position for cleaning and inspection

“We are actively driving FTTH rollout projects across the GCC and wider Middle East, Turkey and Africa region. Solutions such as PRIME represent our ongoing commitment to innovation and our ability pre-empt customers’ requirements and deliver the precise solutions that cater to their needs,” concluded Khalil.


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